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Agile Training

D N Infotech with partner AbsoluteAgile specialises in providing fully customised coaching for organisations. Our experienced agile coaches work with your team to improve your overall agile experience. Our coaches enable your orgaisation towards building a high performance team and help you manage the cultural shift that agile needs.

We offers a wide range of agile courses which are designed for participants with no agile experience as well as for experienced professionals. We reach out to the standards for strong outlook of trainees

Training Cources

  • Agile Fundamentals

    This introductory workshop will introduce you to the fundamentals and principles of agile. If you are just starting your journey with agile or if you are already using agile and want to brush up and improve your skills, this course is for you.

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  • Agile Estimation and Planning

    Agile or not, planning has its place in project management, in fact it is an integral part of agile development. This training will demonstrate that it's possible to create accurate project plans useful for everyone involved in project lifecycle. This course covers various estimation and planning techniques used in Agile. The course ie very interactive and throughout the day, you will be involved in many exercises to give you a practical experience

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  • Agile Adoption

    At AbsoluteAgile we know that that biggest challenge for organisations today in not about understanding the agile principles but its the implementation and adoption of Agile. Our specialised trainers & coaches can help you with your agile journey and make the agile adoption simple and pain free.

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  • Agile for process improvement - KANBAN

    There is a common myth that the Agile methodology only works for software projects. Even though the iterative style of Agile certainly makes it best suited to complex software development, there are plenty of other aspects of the methodology that can be successfully applied to other industries including supporting production system. This course is designed for teams and departments where time-boxed iteration doesn't make sense, where there are many compliance and regulation boundaries and co-location teams are not an easy option.

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